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Carpet Mold Removal

Household mildew and mold are among those hundreds of thousands of types of fungi found throughout the world. There are about 40 fungus species that account for most of the mold within houses. The spores from some of these fungi can be very toxic, causing in serious health consequences to people come in contact to them. Exposure to mold spores can induce or aggravate health problems, particularly in sensitive individuals subjected to chronic levels of contamination over prolonged periods of time. Health effects can include:

*Memory problems

*Skin irritation

*Loss of balance



*Increased allergy symptoms

*Asthma attacks

*Respiratory problems

*Excessive fatigue

Carpet Mold Removal

Also, mildew and mold has the tendency to spread very quickly. Thus, if left unattended, mold will spread to all parts of your property. Your walls, furniture, mattresses, pillows, clothes and everything else will be contaminated by mold. If your carpet has become infested with mold, then contact us right away. We have the perfect carpet mold removal solution which will enable you and your family to breathe freely once again.

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